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A unique classic experience XworlD The right place for gamers around the world. The unique system of hunting and fighting is your way to build yourself to the top. are you ready? *Register now*

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    What is x world XworlD

    XworlD It is a classic 5095 game that was founded in 2012 and developed by Engineer Tamer Waheed until 2020 and took over XworlD Many competitions and exclusive quests XworlD It is a game that decodes the last character in it is the monk and the last level is 142 and the last balus in it is blas 15. XworlD With more competitions, quests, and daily challenge wars, with health and without health, approval XworlD In the 2020 update, it is now on Dragon Ball

    Conquer Online Server

    مميزات XworlD in the patch

    The first classic game with multi-use Autopatch, quick recording and other features

    Conquer Online Server

    For the first time, 18 style Elton City

    New, you can change the style of Elton City to 18 style with one click

    Conquer Online Server

    • PVP

      Enjoy all chapters, items and spells, implemented, tested and working just as they were in the official Conquer 2004-2005.…

    • Questions

      Join hundreds of unique and daily missions that help you level up and improve.…

    • Events

      Take part in both single and single events like Guild War, Death Match, Flag War, PK Tournaments, SS/FB, Elite PK, Dragons Team etc...…

    custom event

    Talk to hundreds of heroes to keep your glory safe